Prescriptive AI prompts are designed to elicit specific advice, recommendations, or actions from an AI model. Here are some examples of prescriptive AI prompts:

  1. “Provide recommendations on how to improve customer retention for an online retail business.”
  2. “Give step-by-step instructions for optimizing website performance and speed.”
  3. “Suggest strategies for reducing operational costs in a manufacturing plant.”
  4. “Recommend a diet and exercise plan for someone looking to lose weight.”
  5. “Advise on the best practices for implementing cybersecurity measures in a small business.”

Prescriptive AI prompts are instructions that guide an AI model to not only analyze data but also recommend specific actions. They essentially tell the AI, “Here’s what you should look for in the data, and what you should tell me to do about it.”

Here’s why prescriptive AI prompts are valuable:

Here’s an example of a prescriptive AI prompt in healthcare:

Prompt: Analyze patient data (including medical history, vitals, and test results) to identify patients at high risk of developing heart disease. Recommend preventive measures for each high-risk patient.

This prompt instructs the AI to not only find patients at risk but also suggest specific actions like medication or lifestyle changes.