Business Performance Management (BPM) systems are a suite of tools and methodologies used by organizations to monitor, analyze, and improve their performance across various departments and functions. They help businesses achieve their strategic objectives by providing insights into:

Benefits of BPM Systems:

Types of BPM Systems:

Popular BPM Systems:

Selecting the Right BPM System:

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting a BPM system, including:

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BPM has been more commonly used to refer to Business Process Management, which focuses on improving and optimizing business processes.

Corporate Performance Management (CPM) or Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) systems:

Corporate Performance Management (CPM) or Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Systems:

1. Planning and Forecasting:

2. Financial Consolidation:

3. Scorecard and KPI Management:

4. Analytics and Business Intelligence:

5. Strategy Management:

6. Performance Monitoring:

7. Risk Management:

8. Collaboration and Workflow:

Implementing a CPM or EPM system can provide organizations with a holistic view of their performance, aiding in strategic decision-making and continuous improvement.