Letterboxd is a social networking website and app designed for fans of movies and films. Here are some key points about Letterboxd:

  1. It allows users to keep a diary and log of all the movies they’ve watched, rate them, write reviews, and track their viewing history.
  2. Users can create watchlists of movies they want to see and get recommendations based on their tastes.
  3. The site has an active social network aspect, where users can follow others, see what films friends have watched recently, and discuss movies.
  4. Letterboxd has a vast database of movies from all years and genres that users can browse and explore.
  5. In addition to user reviews, the site aggregates critic reviews from professional publications.
  6. Popular features include yearly stats on your viewing habits, top 4 square grid for favorite films, and listing movies by various filters.
  7. The layout and design of Letterboxd is minimalist and focused on presenting movie poster artwork prominently.
  8. As of 2023, it has over 3 million registered members who have logged over 1 billion viewings in total.
  9. While free to use, Letterboxd offers a Pro subscription that adds extra features like custom lists and statistics.
  10. It has become a beloved community and diary tool for avid movie fans, filmmakers, critics and casual cinephiles.

So in summary, Letterboxd combines social media, movie databases, diary-logging and a clean design to create a comprehensive platform for film enthusiasts to track and discuss their passion for movies.