Nextdoor is a private social networking app and website designed for local neighborhoods and communities. Here are some key things about Nextdoor:

  1. It allows residents of a specific geographic area to connect with their neighbors through online message boards, groups, event listings, classifieds, and more.
  2. To join, users must verify their address to be granted access to their neighborhood’s private Nextdoor network.
  3. The goal is to foster community interaction, share local news/updates, find trusted service providers, sell items, and discuss neighborhood issues or events.
  4. Users can join “Nearby Neighborhoods” to see posts from surrounding areas as well.
  5. While neighbors remain anonymous by real names not being displayed, there are strict policies against misconduct.
  6. Nextdoor has been criticized for enabling racial profiling, but has added tools to combat this.
  7. As of 2023, Nextdoor is used in over 285,000 neighborhoods across 11 countries.
  8. The company makes money through local business advertising and sponsored posts within neighborhood feeds.
  9. During emergencies or crises, Nextdoor has emerged as an important communication channel between residents and public agencies.
  10. The app aims to revive a sense of community and connectedness between neighbors in an online format.

So in essence, Nextdoor provides geographically specific private social networks for real-world communities as a modern take on the traditional neighborhood watch or bulletin board concept.