The extinction of certain species can indeed have profound effects on ecosystems, potentially impacting human survival indirectly through disruptions in food chains, ecosystem services, and environmental stability. Here are some species whose extinction could pose threats to human survival:

1. Bees

2. Coral Reefs

3. Large Predators (e.g., Tigers, Lions)

4. Plankton

5. Soil Microorganisms

6. Polar Bears

7. Freshwater Fish (e.g., Salmon, Trout)

Why These Threaten Human Survival:

Addressing the threats to these species requires concerted global efforts in conservation, habitat protection, sustainable resource management, and climate action. Protecting biodiversity is essential for ensuring ecological resilience, human well-being, and sustainable development for future generations.

Deforestation won’t directly cause us to die from lack of oxygen. Here’s why:

However, deforestation does play a role in climate change, which can have negative consequences:

So, while deforestation won’t cause immediate oxygen depletion, it’s an important environmental issue due to its contribution to climate change.