Fluency is the ability to communicate meaning effectively in a language. It is often divided into four components:

In the context of reading, fluency is the ability to read a text smoothly, accurately, and with expression. Fluent readers are able to read at a rate that is appropriate for the text, and they are able to decode words automatically without having to stop and sound them out. They also read with expression, using different intonations and stresses to convey the meaning of the text.

Fluency is important for both reading and writing. In reading, fluency allows readers to focus on comprehension rather than decoding. In writing, fluency allows writers to express their ideas clearly and concisely.

There are a number of things that can be done to improve fluency, including:

Fluency is an important skill for both reading and writing. By providing students with opportunities to practice fluency, teachers can help them to develop this essential skill.